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Signature Property Management


Tiffany Lakes HOA can be reached at

"Please Be Kind To Those Who Serve On Your HOA... They Don't Get Paid"

Current Dues:  $600.00 per year.  This covers the Pool, Lake Fountain, Entrance Monuments and all common                                      ground maintenance


Villa Dues:  $130.00 per month.  If you live in the villa portion of the neighborhood you pay this amount in addition                         to the $600.00 per year and it covers the general maintenance of your yard as well as snow removal.


Initiation Fee:  $150.00 one time fee.  This is paid at closing on all sales in the neighborhood.  New and existing                                 homes are subject to this fee.


Transfer Fee:  $75.00 one time fee.  The current HOA Management Company charges this fee on the transfer of                               any ownership within the neighborhood.

Pool Access Cards:  Please contact


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